Success in the Enterprise – Making SaaS Manageable


As we heard once again last week at Catalyst from end-users, partners and vendors alike, many large enterprises are now finally taking a serious look at how to effectively leverage SaaS and cloud applications in their environments.   As we’ve observed in this blog before, enterprise CIOs are also finding that there are no easy answers to how to address the fundamentally disruptive impact that SaaS and cloud-based applications have on current IT management approaches.

The issue comes down to this: if a third party controls the software, data and access, and the CIO no longer has the capabilities to directly monitor and manage software operations, how can the CIO fulfill his or her responsibility for governance and compliance?  It’s a question that SaaS vendors must address if they expect to effectively compete and succeed in the enterprise marketplace

Our new white paper titled Success in the Enterprise: Making SaaS Manageable examines the CIOs need to manage SaaS applications as part of the larger responsibility for systems management in the enterprise.  It also looks at steps SaaS vendors can being to take to meet this need, and outlines best practices in the following areas:

  • APIs
  • Activity access
  • Performance monitoring
  • Back office visibility
  • Standards

The enterprise continues to present an enormous opportunity for SaaS vendors, but to capture this opportunity vendors need to take the next steps to ensure their services provide the management visibility needed to be truly enterprise-ready, and that they address the unique identity and systems management challenges created by the SaaS model.

This is the first in a series of best practice white papers that Conformity will be publishing for SaaS vendor executives to help the industry meet the needs of enterprise CIOs and their teams.  Please visit our website to download a copy of Success in the Enterprise and to subscribe for future white papers, and to learn more about how we can help SaaS vendors address IT enterprise challenges.


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