The Open Cloud Manifesto – there’s work to be done…


Without commenting on the motives of the players involved in  The Open Cloud Manifesto published this week, we do have to agree with one of its core tenets – that to drive further adoption and acceptance SaaS and cloud providers must work together to improve overall governance and management of offerings.  At a fundamental  level SaaS and cloud-based applications ‘break’ the models and approaches organizations have implemented for managing users, identity and applications in a primarily on-premise world (particularly in large enterprises).   SaaS and cloud based applications nearly all have their own unique, individual approaches for managing users, profiles and permissions, and do not easily integrate into existing management solutions and directory services.  To date the only standards that emerged in the broad area of  ‘management’ address access and authentication issues (SAML, OpenID etc), and none of these have even gained significant traction with SaaS ISVs yet.   When looking at the new broad, cross-vendor governance and management issues created in a multi-SaaS environment, access and authentication is only the tip of the iceberg, which is why we also believe there’s significant work to be done here…


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