An answer to the first obvious question – why a blog on SaaS management?

As with many in the software industry, we at Conformity are excited about the potential for software-as-a service and on-demand models to fundamentally reshape the way applications and technology are used in organizations. As as there’s no shortage of statistics showing the rapid growth of SaaS adoption, whether it be among SMBs or enterprises, we think users are agree.

But as with everything, with rapid growth comes growing pains – the ‘laws of physics’ still apply to SaaS. We created this blog to help surface and address the management issues we’re seeing and hearing from organizations that have strategically decided to ‘go SaaS’, and leverage the model as much as possible. While many of the these issues that are arising have been around for awhile – access management, asset management, information security to name few – the on demand world is requiring users to take a fresh look. This is true both for the SMB that has gone ‘all SaaS’ and is using over 10 applications to support all of its core business processes, and for the large enterprise deploying salesforce.com across thousands of users globally.

Our goal is simple – to help identify and address the management and control issues that stand in the way of SaaS becoming a viable alternative for any organization. We look forward to the conversation!


One Response to “Why???”

  1. cote Says:

    Sounds great, I’m looking forward to it 😉

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